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Our reprints are scans of the original source item that is electronically cleaned, resized and assembled into an individual item printed on 8.5 x 11 high quality, acid free, bright white paper.  We don't make forgeries of the original source material.  We make no effort to exactly copy the size, paper or binding of the originals.  We sell information in a manner that allows us to reproduce a quality reprint of hard to find and usually expensive original at a reasonable price.  The best part is that our reprints are affordable and many can be purchased near $10USD and few are over $20USD.

All reprints necessarily reflect the quality of the original source material.  By definition, ephemera is an item that was originally meant to be temporary and discarded after use; many of these items were produced using poor quality materials.  Therefore, the majority of our source material suffers from fading, stains, rips, ink bleeds, bleed-through, use, and a multitude of other problems.  So, please understand there can be imperfections and that not all items can be restored to original condition despite our efforts.


Each item is produced on demand and individually handmade. We do make mistakes, despite our best efforts; sometimes dates are wrong, page(s) printed upside down or backward, a printer error occurs or something unforeseen happens. Should this be the case, kindly send us an email detailing the issue so we can fix it and send you a new replacement.

We offer a money back guarantee; in the event that you are not satisfied or don't like an item we will give you your money back. If the occasional item is not of acceptable quality; it is the best we could do with the original that we had to work with. Please read the quality section; and if you still are not satisfied you are covered by our guarantee. We do try to be fair.

Please see our return policy for details.


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